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Destiny is the school library circulation and cataloging system. Students, parents and teachers may access this information from the school website library link. On the home page, students may select catalog to search the school library.  Books may be searched by topic, title or reading level. Also included on the home page are links to Accelerated Reader, our local library and other sites for additional resource

In order to use the library and to borrow books, all students must exhibit appropriate behavior.  In the library students are expected to:

  • Use quiet voices
  • Behave in an orderly and polite manner
  • Take care of all library books and materials

All students are responsible for the book he/she checks out.  Being responsible means the book is returned to the library (not just the school or the classroom) in reasonable condition. The parent will be charged for the full replacement value of all lost, stolen or defaced library books.  Students need a safe place at home in which to put their library books 

Here is the link for our school library program: