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Lunch Menu


Hot lunch, EZ Jammer Sandwich or yogurt/fruit/vegetables is available for $3.00.  Milk and bottled water alone is $.50.   Please make check payable to S.V.U.S.D. and include your child’s name and room number.  The cafeteria accepts checks for $25.00 or more only.   Lunch money on your students account is also handy in case your child forgets his/her lunch.  Students who forget their lunch or lunch money will be given lunch and it will be charged to the student account.

Free and Reduced Lunch Program:  Students who were registered in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program last June may continue to receive free or reduced lunches upon the opening of school.  However, in order for a student to continue to receive a free or reduced lunch, the parent must fill out a new application.  New applications are sent home to all students and must be received by the end of September.

No child will be permitted to leave school during school hours unless he/she is picked up at the office by a parent or an adult authorized in writing by the parent.  We cannot let students leave school with adults not previously authorized in writing or family members who are not adults.  Students who leave school for lunch need to return by the end of the lunch period.  We ask that parents not be present on campus in the lunch area or on the playground during the course of the school day.  If special circumstances require a parent to be present during lunch or recess, prior permission must be given by the principal.     

For information on the food program click HERE.